Writing… SOL 31/19

What I learned in this month long challenge is that I actually enjoy writing! I didn’t think I did. I haven’t ever done any writing like this challenge before and was unsure of how it would go. I thought I would struggle each day with what to write and that it would take me a long time to write it.

Instead, it was really fun writing! I enjoyed putting down my thoughts each day and really focusing on one small slice. Since teaching writing, I have been more cognizant of including dialogue and found that I really enjoyed using it in my writing. How I wish I had known this earlier, like in college or even in high school. I also realized that I like finding atypical synonyms for common place words and using figurative language. It was a challenge but fun.

It was also surprisingly enjoyable to read so many other posts. There were so many different writing styles – it was very interesting. I enjoyed the snippets into peoples lives that really made me realize that we all go through such similar things in our lives.

Thanks for making this adventure so interesting! Happy April!

Being a Mom SOL 30/19

Last night I spoke with El Grande, the oldest of my 3 hijos.

“Ma, this project is consuming me. It’s all I do or think about. But on top of it all I have these lab reports to write and tests to study for.”

“How can I help mi amor? I feel badly for you. I wish I could help.”

“There’s nothing really you can do. It’s just frustrating because I don’t have time for anything. I want to work out and cook some food for me and the guys but I don’t have any time. I have no time for any of it.”

“Ok well how about next weekend, I’ll drive down. I’ll bring groceries amd some pre-made meals. I want you to eat healthily.”

“Yea that’d be great, ma, thanks. I just need to get through the next couple of weeks.”

“No problem mi amor, if I can help with food, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.”

It’s cliche but no matter how old your kids are, you want to help them and be there for them.

Train Nap SOL 29/19

On the way home from my trip I had to take the train from city to my town. I chose to sit up top. I hadn’t ridden the train in ages! After sitting awhile, I had another flashback memory.

I’m young, single and taking the train home after working downtown all day. I had raced to the train, in the summer sun, so I arrive all gross and sweating. The train is cool. It starts to pull out of the station and I’m still panting. I look around and see others struggling to get settled, same as me. Some people have been shopping and have several bags to squeeze into their seat area. But most people, like me, are returning home from work.

I remember looking out the window watching everything go by. I play a game with myself like “find something new”, “count all the blue cars” or “count how many people are walking”. But I’m so tired and I start to doze. I really should be reading to prep for my night class but I’m not that motivated to read a statistics book. Im really tired and without any notice my eyes shut tight.

The next thing I remember is being woken up and nearly having a heart attack! “Hey Miss, isn’t 103rd your stop?”

“Oh geez, yes! Thanks! Where are we?” I have foggy nap brain. Nothing looks familiar.

“107th is only next stop.” The conductor chuckles, gives me a smile but shakes his head at me. I look out the window.

“Oh right! Thanks” I’m embarrassed because now I recognize the apartments, the park, the parking lot and the back of the shops along Hale. It’s a big city but the my train community is small. I sit in this guys train car every day. Thank goodness he recognizes me.

I feel badly now that in 2 years I never called him by name. He was a really nice guy. Today I did not fall asleep on the train!

My Tia SOL 28/19

My Tia A, “My darling, my heaven and my sky, how are you my love? I’ve missed you so much, you must be so tired and thirsty. Oh my darling, It’s so incredible, I can’t believe I’m seeing you. It’s just so wonderful that you’re here. Please come tell me everything. How are you my darling? Oh my heaven and sky, how are you? Oh darling I’m so happy to see you.” ALL this in Spanish, while I’m being kissed and hugged over and over. You’d think I was 10 years old. It’s a little over the top.

She knows how to lather it on for sure. I think she’s the best at it of anyone I know. It comes so easy to her! All that honey just spills out of her mouth, without even trying or thinking about it. How does she think so quick? It’s a litany, but it’s different for everyone. She means every word of it too. I could never think that quickly. I would have to rehearse it to get it right.

Anyway it was great to sit and talk to her for a few hours and finally catch up.

Impressed SOL 27/19

I’m really impressed. Do you ever have a day, that at the end, you think to yourself, “Holy cow, or Dios Mio, I got SO much done today! I don’t know how?” Then you feel proud of yourself, because regardless of all the obstacles that could have changed your mind and course of action at any point in the day, you stayed your course and followed your original plan.

I had that day today! I am impressed that I drove through an unfamiliar city, visited family I hadn’t seen in a long time, struggled through rush hour traffic, didn’t get lost, had dinner with more family, then drove all the way back.

This morning I was so tempted to say, “I can’t go, I don’t feel well.” So tempted to stay in bed later. But I pushed myself and now can say, I’m impressed that I did it all!

The Dolphins SOL 26/19

Like I said yesterday, every time I go to the beach something is new. Today it was the dolphins. There have been many times that I’ve seen dolphins from afar. I’ve seen them jumping and swimming along in groups. I’ve witnessed two of them playing together, but far from the beach. Any time I’ve seen them in the wild, was from far away.

Today, I was standing in the water – armpit high. Floating along enjoying the sun and the warm water, not paying attention at all to anything behind me. Then for some reason, I turned around slowly.

Just as I turned to my left, I saw a dark movement in the water very close to me. I continued to turn and then I stopped breathing. Directly in front of me swimming so slowly were two gray dolphins. I kept turning to my left to watch them pass by. They emerged out of the water and I could see the one’s face perfectly. The snout was so cute. They weren’t close enough to touch but definitely close enough to feel unreal. They weren’t afraid of me and I wasn’t afraid either. It all happened so quickly and as soon as they were gone, I missed them!

I am so glad that I turned around!

The beach SOL 25/19

It doesn’t matter how often I go to the beach, its still brand new to me. I get so excited pulling up to the beach, Today, we pulled into a parking spot right alongside the beach. Then with bags in hand we headed to the beach.

We searched for a spot on the white sand, walking past the crowds, finding a spot by a hurricane damaged tree and laid out our blankets.  I sat down, letting out a long breath and breathing in that salty ocean, warm air.  Sitting, relaxing, soaking in the sun, the warmth and the beautiful ocean scenery.  This is exactly what I needed!

How is it that a place like this can exist all the time when I’m not here?  Life goes on here, while I’m up north, freezing. I took a walk all along the beach, crunching the shells beneath my feet and watching the  surf coming in and out.  At sometime I stopped to gaze out at the ocean, still amazed after all these years and trips to the ocean by the vastness of the sea.  I wondered about how many animals are out there in that water?  What animals are out there that haven’t been discovered?  What’s going on out there right now?  It’s amazing to think that there’s so much going on with millions of fish and animals, but standing on the beach I just see the calm water.

I could just sit out here all day. I’ll just stare at the water.  I may never go home.

Airport and Memories SOL 24/19

Sitting at the airport. Waiting and watching. I see solo fliers. Couples. Families with one kid, two kids, 4 kids.

It gets me remembering all my solo flights to visit my family in Nashville over the last 35 years. I remember the anticipation to see my sisters, my parents, my abuelita (when she was still alive, my cousins (we kiddingly call ourselves The Cartel, when we get together). But now I also look forward to seeing my sweet three year old nephew and niece.

I remember my flights with my mom and abuelita to and from Bogota. Also, flights with my husband on our trips before and after kids.

But may be I remember most the flights with my kids when they were young. You know how you have to juggle all of the paraphernalia? The backpack, diaper bag, toddler, baby, stroller, and maybe a carseat. I remember the stress! I also remember the kid’s excitement!

Being at the airport, watching other people is like watching my life playing out with other people.

Cell Phones SOL 23/19

Thank goodness for cellphones.

To: Remember to stop at your brother’s before heading home.

To: Good luck at your game today, be safe!

From: Thanks mama, have fun at the shower.

To:Have you left yet your apartment yet?

From: Yea just got in car

To: We are on our way, Aunt Joan is coming with me.

From: Lost 1st game, we suck!

To: How’s El Chico playing?

From: Losing 2nd game, this is terrible

To: We made it to shower, lots of people here

Picture Text To: Kelsey in her pregnant glory surrounded by gifts and family and friends.

Facetime: With Grandma from shower

From: Lost 26-24

From: We’re making reservations for a kayaking tour. You in?

To: Sure book whatever

From: I’m home, going to the gym

To: Ok great, see you soon

Thus goes my Saturday. Cellphones really connect us!

Friday night Volleyball SOL 22/19

We were sitting on those hard wooden benches at the first Friday night of the Volleyball high school season. It’s El Chico’s last year of high school volleyball. Are we sad? We, as in mi amor and I. Maybe a little.

You see, it’s Friday night after a long day of work. Then drive clear across the city to get lost for 15 minutes before finding our way. Then it’s a 5pm game. No dinner. Win. 7 pm game. Win. Drive hour home. Eat. Sleep.  Tomorrow repeat.  It’s exhausting!  And I’m not even playing!

But it has been a very good run.  El Chico has really enjoyed it and we are there to support him.  We love watching him play. It’s really fun.  This year he’s the captain and it’s cool to see him out there trying to rally his troops. But then again, we’ve watched him play for seven years.  That’s a long time.  So we aren’t really sad.  “We” are ready to move on.  At least I am, and I keep telling mi amor that he is too.