When Abuelita got lost and made a new friend

I remember looking for my abuelita all over the store. Where could she have gone? She’s got teeny legs, she can’t get far that quickly.

Before I saw her, I could hear her soft voice. She was speaking a slow mix of Spanish and English but there were pauses in her speaking that I could only imagine meant that she was hand gesturing. There was some laughter, giggles and I could faintly hear another language. I didn’t want to interrupt my abuelita’s conversation. It sounded like she was just having the best little time in the corner of the Sear’s store.

I waited a few seconds, and she rounded the corner with another little old lady, practically her twin in stature and hair style. But this cute little old lady was speaking Russian. Between a mix of their own languages and English and lots of hand gesturing they were getting along just fine. I was introduced. There were hugs and strong hand squeezes followed minutes later by good byes when a young woman came around the corner, obviously worried about her grandma, who had been “missing”.

Somehow my abuelita had made a new friend at Sears. I wish now we had found a way to keep in touch because in that short time that lady really touched my abuelita’s heart.

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Buenos dias! Born in Bogota, Colombia, moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, learned English in Kinder, live in the Chicago area with husband and our 3 handsome Colombian muchachos and love being an ESL teacher.

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