Pineapples and crochet

During Covid times I have become obsessed with new crochet stitches. I learned to crochet while in the fourth grade. My abuelita helped me learn how to crochet dresses for my barbie dolls.

I’ve made two blankets for two of my hijos, one with a basket weave stitch and the other with an Irish knit crochet stitch.

Do you like ponchos? I’m obsessed with them too. I finished one for myself and one for my mom.

Now I’m crocheting another poncho with a new pattern that until now I had been intimidated to try. How have I learned? Yep, YouTube. It’s been my best Covid Crochet Friend. If you don’t crochet, try it!

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Buenos dias! Born in Bogota, Colombia, moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, learned English in Kinder, live in the Chicago area with husband and our 3 handsome Colombian muchachos and love being an ESL teacher.

10 thoughts on “Pineapples and crochet”

  1. Wow those are beautiful! I love them. And the grays… I love grays. I learned to crochet from my grandma but I pretty much stick to things in straight rows. Baby blankets, washcloths, and scarves. I really wanted to crochet the Bernie doll floating around the internet, but that seemed like QUITE the challenge. So I just bought one from another crocheter. I love crocheting especially in the winter when it’s cold outside.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow, all of your creations are stunning!! I used to knit in college, and college only, and now you are making me want to pick up knitting again or try out crocheting! Thank you for sharing this slice!

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  3. I am impressed! I have tried to crochet several times and usually just make knots. One year when I taught third grade, I had a student who wanted to start a crochet club. So he did and he tried to teach me. I eventually just watched and chatted!

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  4. Your poncho is beautiful and the close up of stitches are lovely. I tried to teach myself how to crochet over the pandemic,, but struggled and so fell back on knitting and embroidery. You post makes me want to give it another whirl. Thanks fo that!

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  5. We just received two crocheted blankets from my husband’s aunt for our newest babe! They are the best! Anything crocheted is a work of art and a lot of dedication. I tried when I was younger. My gram taught me, too. However, I eventually lost interest in the amount of time it took. One day, I am sure I will try again!

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