Writing… SOL 31/19

What I learned in this month long challenge is that I actually enjoy writing! I didn’t think I did. I haven’t ever done any writing like this challenge before and was unsure of how it would go. I thought I would struggle each day with what to write and that it would take me a long time to write it.

Instead, it was really fun writing! I enjoyed putting down my thoughts each day and really focusing on one small slice. Since teaching writing, I have been more cognizant of including dialogue and found that I really enjoyed using it in my writing. How I wish I had known this earlier, like in college or even in high school. I also realized that I like finding atypical synonyms for common place words and using figurative language. It was a challenge but fun.

It was also surprisingly enjoyable to read so many other posts. There were so many different writing styles – it was very interesting. I enjoyed the snippets into peoples lives that really made me realize that we all go through such similar things in our lives.

Thanks for making this adventure so interesting! Happy April!

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Buenos dias! Born in Bogota, Colombia, moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, learned English in Kinder, live in the Chicago area with husband and our 3 handsome Colombian muchachos and love being an ESL teacher.

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