Being a Mom SOL 30/19

Last night I spoke with El Grande, the oldest of my 3 hijos.

“Ma, this project is consuming me. It’s all I do or think about. But on top of it all I have these lab reports to write and tests to study for.”

“How can I help mi amor? I feel badly for you. I wish I could help.”

“There’s nothing really you can do. It’s just frustrating because I don’t have time for anything. I want to work out and cook some food for me and the guys but I don’t have any time. I have no time for any of it.”

“Ok well how about next weekend, I’ll drive down. I’ll bring groceries amd some pre-made meals. I want you to eat healthily.”

“Yea that’d be great, ma, thanks. I just need to get through the next couple of weeks.”

“No problem mi amor, if I can help with food, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.”

It’s cliche but no matter how old your kids are, you want to help them and be there for them.

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Buenos dias! Born in Bogota, Colombia, moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, learned English in Kinder, live in the Chicago area with husband and our 3 handsome Colombian muchachos and love being an ESL teacher.

4 thoughts on “Being a Mom SOL 30/19”

  1. The flip side of this is that no matter how old you get, you always appreciate a little support from your mom. Well, maybe not when you are 13, but other than that… I’m sure he will be very grateful.

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