No more por favor!

Seriously, I told him no mas and several times too! But still, he brings them home the leftovers. El chico is 18, so I know, how is he suppose to understand that at 50+, I am losing the battle of the bulge and it’s killing me to have to make a really tough decision on what to eat with my coffee every morning. I mean, Dios mio! How can someone possibly resist opening that box from one of the best bakeries around and say no gracias to those lovely pazckis, apple fritters, almond crescents, chocolate glazed donuts or blueberry coffee cake! It’s getting ridiculous! There’s even a 3 layered carrot cake in the fridge calling my name. I want to be so boring and just have a bowl full of mini-wheats. But NO, El chico has to bring home 10 pounds of left over pastries from work. I know, yo se, he’s feels like he’s contributing to the household, supplying us with empty calories for breakfast, not to mention the loaves of bread that we use for sandwiches. Okay I get it, but how can I say no to those beautiful pastries, because the guilt I feel if they stale is also unbearable. I mean come on there are people starving and we have 10 pounds of melt in your mouth pastry sitting on the kitchen counter. Also, I don’t want to be ungrateful but, come on, he has to start taking me seriously, or I am in GRANDE trouble!

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Buenos dias! Born in Bogota, Colombia, moved to Nashville, TN at 4 years old, learned English in Kinder, live in the Chicago area with husband and our 3 handsome Colombian muchachos and love being an ESL teacher.

11 thoughts on “No more por favor!”

  1. Your writer’s voice really shows in this slice and I can’t totally relate. Whenever I go to my mom’s house, she always has sweets, cakes, or some sort of pastries and I don’t have the willpower to pass them up. It’s why I never buy it for our house!


  2. I can so related! My son worked overnight at a doughnut shop one summer. Every morning, he would bring home a dozen fresh, hot doughnuts. And of course I could never resist. Nor could I ever have just one! Ay-yay-yay!

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  3. Hahaa! I love how you intertwined the Español throughout your piece. It really made the story relatable, as I know we express ourselves most emphatically in our first language. I lived in Guatemala for 2 years and had the opposite experience! I can really relate to this feeling of temptation!

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  4. Marcie, I love the code switching in your writing. Your voice jumps off the screen and I feel like you’re telling me your story in person. Miss you and your vibrant personality, but reading this gives me a little slice of you!


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